Cartoon on the youtubings

2013-01-30 14:28:18 by WillOG

Thanks to Swivel, Ive managed to upload TMR to youtube, and moar stuff will be uploaded there to!

Be sure to like TMR and subscribe! :D


First cartoon!

2012-11-10 22:09:24 by WillOG

Made a fake documentry kind of cartoon about Hipsters :) Its under judgement so pleease watch and rate :P

Dislike hipsters? Me to!

I'm currently making a cartoon documentary exploring the strange social trend that is a Hipster. Alot of you may be thinking, what is a hipster? Well all will be revealed in a matter of months or even weeks. Don't have so much to show for it at the moment... so heres a screen shot of the host of the documentary, William Morningwood! (no pun intended)

Do you have a general hatrid for hipsters?